TCJL PAC 2018 Judicial Endorsements

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180202 TCJLPAC Judicial Endorsements


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Supreme Court of Texas
• Jimmy Blacklock* (R), Place 2
• John Devine* (R), Place 4
• Jeff Brown* (R), Place 6

3rd Court of Appeals
24 counties, based in Austin
Statewide for all administrative & regulatory appeals
• Cindy Bourland* (R), Place 2
• Scott Field* (R), Place 3
• David Puryear* (R), Place 5
• Place 6 endorsement TBA June 2018

13th Court of Appeals
20 counties, based in Corpus Christi & Edinburg
• Ernest Aliseda (R), Chief Justice
• Greg Perkes (R), Place2
• Jaime Tijerina (R), Place 4
• Clarissa Silva (R), Place 5

4th Court of Appeals
32 counties, based in San Antonio
Marialyn Barnard* (R), Place 2
  Place 3 Dual Endorsement
Patricia Alvarez* (D) & Jason Pulliam (R), Place 3
• Patrick Ballantyne (R), Place 4
• Rebecca Simmons (R), Place 5
• Shane Stolarczyk (R), Place 7

1st Court of Appeals
10 counties, based in Houston
Jane Bland* (R), Place 2
• Harvey G. Brown* (R), Place 6
• Katy Boatman (R), Place 7
• Michael C. Massengale* (R), Place 8
• Jennifer V. Caughey* (R), Place 9

14th Court of Appeals
10 counties, based in Houston
• Brett Busby* (R), Place 3
• Marc Brown* (R), Place 4
• Martha Hill Jamison* (R), Place 5
• William J. Boyce* (R), Place 6
• John Donovan* (R), Place 8

2nd Court of Appeals
12 counties, based in Fort Worth
Bonnie Sudderth* (R), Chief Justice
• Mark T. Pittman* (R), Place 6

5th Court of Appeals
6 counties, based in Dallas
David Evans (R), Place 2
• Craig Stoddart* (R), Place 5
• Jason Boatright* (R), Place 9
• Molly Francis* (R), Place 10
• John Browning (R), Place 11
• Elizabeth Lang-Miers* (R), Place 13

7th Court of Appeals
32 counties, based in Amarillo
Judy C. Parker* (R), Place 2
• Patrick A. Pirtle* (R), Place 3

9th Court of Appeals
10 counties, based in Beaumont
Leanne Johnson* (R), Place 3
• Hollis Horton* (R), Place 4

10th Court of Appeals
18 counties, based in Waco
Tom Gray* (R), Chief Justice

11th Court of Appeals
28 counties, based in Eastland
John Bailey (R), Chief Justice

12th Court of Appeals
17 counties, based in Tyler
Greg Neeley* (R), Place 2


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