July 7, 2015

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of House District 2, especially this past session which Governor Gregg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker Joe Straus said was the most conservative session in the history of  Texas and a major victory.  

The accomplishments of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature were of benefit to all Texans. However, like many of you, I continue to be frustrated by the intrusion of the Federal Government in all areas of our lives and their interference with the proper role of state and local government. 

With that in mind, the seniority you have afforded me through past elections has provided the opportunity to represent the district in these matters with great progress including successes in gun rights, transparency in government, the protection of life and the control of debt.

Even though I was able to lead and participate in numerous victories this session, there is certainly more work to be done. Susan and I believe that attacks on our liberties and basic human rights as well as the need to protect Gods natural laws should not be handed over to unproven promises or desires for personal gain nor should it be directed by special interests or political stances that don’t benefit those in our district who just want to raise their families, work hard, be treated fairly and live without interference in their own decision making. I will never support wealthy individuals who back front organizations that stand to profit off of everyday Texans.

The district yet again has the potential to succeed to higher heights with the benefits that experience in its representation provides it and I believe I can once again help the district with the issues of faith, family and freedom that are so important to so many.

Therefore, after much prayer and encouragement from my family, friends and constituents, I want to announce today my bid to stand with working Texans and seek reelection as your State Representative in the 85th legislature. I will return to continue my efforts to follow up on unfinished business with the dedication to conservative values that need to be represented and promoted now more than ever before.

I ask for your prayers and the right to stand with you once again for the betterment of our district and of all Texans.

May God Bless you and may God Bless the Great State of Texas.

Political Ad paid for by Dan Flynn Campaign. Rollin Sininger, Treasurer.


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