April 28, 2014

When it comes to building a thriving economy that benefits citizens across the board, Texas has taken an approach that is as simple as it is revolutionary: put people – employers and employees alike – in the best possible position to succeed, and then get out of the way.

The Texas approach is based on our state’s traditional belief in the powers of personal freedom, personal empowerment, and personal responsibility. It’s an approach that produces results that speak for themselves.

Today, our economy continues to win raves from the business community, including from Chief Executive Magazine, which ranked Texas #1 in its “Top States for Business” for nine straight years.

Over the past decade Texas became a major player in international trade, leading the U.S. in exports for 12 years in a row, with more than $279 billion of goods flowing through our state in 2013. That’s an average of more than $1 billion in exports per business day.

How do we do it? By keeping taxes low, so that employers and employees alike keep more of their hard-earned dollars – money they can re-invest in new hires, new equipment and new ideas.

We’ve instituted tort reform, so our courts are fair and don’t allow for over-suing. That means employers spend less time in court fighting expensive, baseless lawsuits.

We keep our regulations smart, predictable and effective so a business can start work on a new project in weeks instead of months.

And we keep our schools accountable, helping to build and maintain a world-class workforce so Texas workers are ready to fill the roles employers require.

Combine, these policies are why nearly two million new jobs have been created in Texas over the last decade, a figure that represents nearly three out of every 10 net new jobs created in the United States.

Job numbers are about much more than statistics, however.

A job is a source of income for families, a source of dignity, and a promise of a better life for the next generation.

Like people everywhere, people in Texas want a fair chance to work hard and realize their dreams. They want quality, dependable jobs in their own hometowns. When good jobs are being created, it helps build stronger families and stronger communities.

What the success of states like Texas – and other states that are following our lead – means is more freedom for more people. It means more opportunity. It means a chance to create and build the life they’ve imagined.

The success of Texas shows that when you create a place that rewards innovation and hard work, and frees people to do their very best, great things can happen.


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