Southeast Texas Record 5-22-12 by David Yates
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Although aspiring politicians Jay Old Jr. and Michael Truncale agree tort reform has had a positive effect in Texas, neither candidate will seek to implement reform on a national level if elected to the U.S. House of Representatives 14th Congressional District.

The Beaumont attorneys announced their candidacy for the Republication primary last year for the newly drawn Texas Congressional District 14, which includes all of Jefferson and Galveston counties and portions of Brazoria County. Incumbent Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson) is not seeking reelection.

While Old acknowledges that the “bulk” of Texas tort reforms “have been good for business,” he believes “Texas should decide tort law, not the federal government.”

During an interview, Old told the Southeast Texas Record he considers turning tort reform over to the federal government a “mistake.”

“The last thing Texas needs is to have a bunch of liberals running the show,” Old said, adding that turning control over to the federal government can have an adverse impact

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