August 14, 2013
Contact: Luke Macias, 210-259-5053

Today Stuart Spitzer announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Texas House District 4. A doctor, father, and man of faith, Stuart wants to see the conservative values which residents of Kaufman and Henderson Counties hold dear represented in Austin by their State Representative.

Dr. Spitzer stated, “My whole life has been focused on the needs and values of the people in Kaufman and Henderson counties. As a surgeon in this district for the last 15 years, my passion is for the health and well being of Texans, but I am also concerned about the decisions being made in Austin that affect future generations. Last Session the Texas Legislature decided to pass a budget that was $22 Billion larger than our previous budget, earning scorn from conservatives across the state, and attracting national media attention. I won’t stand by and watch the state of Texas be compared to California. I want to fight for what’s important to the citizens of District 4, not for special interests and the wishes of Austin lobbyists. This campaign will be about sending a State Representative to Austin who will fight for responsible spending, an education system based around quality and competition, and being honest with the voters of District 4.”

Conservatives in HD 4 have been eager to join Stuart in his bid to bring their shared values to Austin.

Henderson County Tax Assessor Collector Milburn Cheney stated, “I watched Stuart grow up here and know his mom, dad, wife and kids. He is a man who will put the people first and not special interests.”

“I know Dr. Spitzer and trust him as a doctor, man of faith, and community leader. I am glad he is in the fight for truth and our values,” said Paul Eaton, Mayor of Gun Barrel City.

“In Africa treating the poor, in the schools mentoring the fatherless, or at work treating the sick, Dr. Spitzer follows the Biblical command to love the least of these. Austin politics may not want him but we need him there,” said Kaufman County resident and co-worker Toni Rhine.

Stuart is an Athens native who lives with his wife Shari, and two children, Lilly and Luke. They are active in Kaufman’s First Baptist Church, where Dr. Spitzer is a deacon, Sunday School teacher, and works in the children’s ministry. He regularly mentors in public schools and coaches youth sports. As a graduate of Trinity Valley Community College, Baylor University, and UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Dr. Spitzer currently provides care at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman.

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