State Rep. Mike Schofield to seek reelection

By gopadmin On June 19, 2017 · Mike Schofield Campaign

State Representative Mike Schofield (R-Katy) announced today that he will seek reelection to a third term representing Katy and Cypress in the Texas House of Representatives, District 132, in the 2018 election.
“I have been honored to serve my neighbors in Katy and Cypress in the Texas legislature,” Schofield said. “If I am reelected, I will continue to fight for the principles of limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, and family values. I ran to protect these principles and I will continue to do so if reelected to the House.”
Schofield, who was named Freshman Legislator of the Year after his debut session in 2015, passed a landmark statute in the recently-completed 2017 session to protect the integrity of Texas elections by allowing the state’s Attorney General to prosecute conspirators in illegal “vote-harvesting” organizations that steal mail ballots, organize fraudulent voting at polling places, and register fake voters. Schofield filed this bill in response to an increasing number of cases of mass voter fraud, including recently-prosecuted cases in Dallas County, Tarrant County and the Rio Grande Valley. The bill ultimately passed as part of HB 1735 (Faircloth).
Schofield, who serves on the influential Republican Caucus Policy Committee, which recommends to GOP House members which bills to support or oppose, also passed measures preventing school districts from circumventing the law requiring their meetings to be recorded and placed on the district’s website, requiring school districts to give information to school board members so they can do their job overseeing the district, appropriating an additional $20 million to programs providing alternatives to abortion, preventing thousands of divorces, child custody decisions, and adoptions from being nullified due to procedural mistakes, and preventing activist judges from throwing out state statutes without the attorney general being notified and having the opportunity to defend the statutes. Schofield also killed a proposed amendment to the state budget that would have placed burdensome reporting requirements on faith-based foster care providers that the state does not require of other providers.
Schofield is currently hard at work preparing for the special session of the legislature called by Governor Greg Abbott, where he will be filing bills to limit the growth of state spending to the increase in the state’s population plus inflation, limit the ability of cities to control land outside their city limits (known as “extraterritorial jurisdiction”) without providing services to those landowners, limit the ability of homeowner’s associations to make residents remove religious displays, and crack down on mail ballot fraud in Texas elections.
During his first term, Schofield passed a major piece of legislation backed by Governor Abbott to provide for a three-judge panel to hear all lawsuits involving school finance. This will ensure that one judge in Austin will no longer be able to single-handedly re-write the school finance system that effects our property taxes and our children’s education.
Mike Schofield is the State Representative for Texas House District 132 in Katy and Cy-Fair. Schofield served as an advisor to Governor Rick Perry from 2003 to 2013, where he advised the governor on legislation ranging from lawsuit abuse and property rights protection to maintaining a fair election system and Voter ID. He was first elected in 2014, and was named Freshman Legislator of the Year by the House in his first session in 2015.

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