July 29, 2015

KAUFMAN – State Representative Stuart Spitzer, R-Kaufman, on Wednesday morning announced he will seek re-election in the 2016 Republican Primary election.

“In my first session in the legislature, we made history,” Spitzer said. “But there is more to be done to protect the conservative values of the people of Kaufman and Henderson Counties and that is why I am asking for the voters’ support.”

Spitzer said he fought for the pastoral protection legislation preventing people from suing members of the clergy from performing marriages if the ceremony is against their deeply held beliefs.

“Now we need to pass a law expanding that protection to judges, small business owners like bakeries, dress-makers, and florists who do not want to be forced to participate in non-traditional marriage ceremonies,” Spitzer said.

He also will look for more tax cuts for Texans. During his first session, Spitzer voted for more than $2 billion in property tax cuts and billions in job-creating business tax cuts.

“As a doctor and a small-business owner, I will continue to remind my fellow lawmakers that the money they are spending is not theirs, but belongs to the people back home,” the representative said.

“And that money belongs in the community, not spent by bureaucrats on big-government programs in Austin,” he said.

Spitzer also said he will re-introduce legislation to protect children in small towns from sexual predators. A loophole in the law does not allow small communities to regulate where these predators live after they are convicted of heinous crimes.

“We moved that measure along last year, but it died in the waning days of the session,” he said. “I will return with even more dedication to make this protection a law for the sake of our children.


Spitzer said he has a lot he hopes to help accomplish.

“There is much more to be done and I am looking forward to getting it done. I am asking for the voters to continue to support me during this campaign and on election day,” he said in a prepared statement.

Spitzer was sworn into office in January after winning the Republican Primary election in a runoff against former State Rep. Lance Gooden in the spring of 2014. Spitzer did not have a Democratic opponent in the November 2014 general election.


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