August 26, 2013

Houston, Texas – State Representative Gene Wu announces today that he will run for re-election to House District 137 in Southwest Houston.

Elected in 2012, Wu completed his first regular session and was appointed to serve on the House Energy Resources and Elections Committees. “It has been a true honor to work for Texans across the state; it has been particularly rewarding to represent my friends and neighbors at home.”

During the 83rd Legislative Session, Representative Wu worked with his colleagues to successfully pass a number of bills into law. “I’m especially proud that I was part of a coalition that not only restored a portion of public education funding, but we reformed testing practices, strengthened accountability standards, and created more pathways for students to succeed.”

Representative Wu authored and passed legislation that promotes Houston’s energy industry while reducing our overall environmental footprint. Wu also carried a legislative agenda that drew upon his experience as a former prosecutor authoring multiple pieces of legislation to strengthen law enforcement, remove loopholes, and put in place measures to better protect child victims.

Wu adds. “We accomplished a lot this Session, but there are still many issues that have to be addressed. We still need better education funding, a reform of the foster care system, and a comprehensive overhaul of our criminal justice system. I’m looking forward to running for re-election and getting these things done.”

Representative Wu has lived in Southwest Houston for nearly 25 years. Wu is an attorney at the Sears Crawford Law Firm, and formerly served as a Prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He and his wife are expecting their first child in September.

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