July 30, 2014

Lubbock State Representative Charles Perry announced that he is withdrawing his name from the November 4th House District 83 ballot. He will remain on the Senate District 28 ballot for the September 9th special election and either win or vacate his seat entirely from any and all Texas legislation.

“I do not believe that I would be running for senate district 28 if the good Lord hasn’t told me to do that. There is no reason for me to have my foot on both sides of this aisle,” Perry said at the 50 Yard Line restaurant in Lubbock, in front of hundreds of supporters Tuesday. “I’ve heard both arguments, I have good friends on both issues, my heart is that I need to be all in on the senate. I would not be running for the senate if I did not think I was supposed to run for the senate.”

House District 83 candidate, hoping to replace Rep. Perry, released a statement following the highly anticipated announcement, stating: “Charles Perry showed us again today why he’s been so effective for West Texas. There aren’t many officeholders who would have the moxy to voluntarily take their name off the ballot for what would have been a “safe” seat for him. That took real courage – and it showed everybody he’s all in for SD 28.”

Senate District 28 candidate also released a statement, saying: “We welcome all candidates and look forward to a serious discussion over who can provide the strongest leadership for ALL of West Texas and deliver results on the critical issues like strengthening our border laws and securing out future water needs. Over the last three weeks our team has created a winning, district-wide grassroots team and raised enough money to get our pro-West Texas message to all 51 counties. At the end of the day, we are confident that we will be successful because of the team we’ve built and the community leaders who are working hard on our behalf.”

“It’s really important for everyone to know that Charles Perry has not resigned his seat as a state legislator, he simply resigned his seat on the ballot for the November election,” Carl Tepper, the chair of the Lubbock Republican Party, explained. “He is still a state legislator for District 83 through January, unless he wins the senate seat in which case he would be sworn into the senate sooner.”

With Perry’s announcement, the jockeying begins for the District 83 candidate replacement. Tepper said a Lubbock delegate will be selected to meet with the Republican party chairs from the six other counties that comprise the district. Tepper and those six other party chairs will ultimately select the next Republican nominee, whose name will appear on the November 4th general election ballot. The chairs are making the decision because the time frame is too short to hold a primary.

Former State Representative Delwin Jones, former Texas Tech Assistant Chancellor Jody Arrington and former Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham have announced their interest for the senate seat. As for the House District 28 seat, Dustin Burrows, Allen Adkins and Ziegler are considered to be serious contenders. Delwin Jones and Steve Massengale are also considering making a run.

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