Source: Corpus Christi Caller Times
September 22, 2016


In 2010, when lawyer Greg Perkes ran for 13th Court of Appeals against a longtime incumbent whose performance wasn’t an issue, we noted that he was a strong candidate but could find no basis for replacing the incumbent. The voters decided otherwise. And now that 13th Court Justice Greg Perkes is seeking re-election, we find the same circumstances — a well-qualified challenger facing an incumbent who deserves to be re-elected.

Turnabouts is fair play. Perkes, a Republican, won in a good year for Republicans, but to write it off to that is unfair to him. He had prepared as if 13th Court justice were a life mission, having clerked in that court for years and having become certified in appellate law. Now, completing his sixth year on the court, he has the advantage of having done the job.

Former district judge Leticia Hinojosa, the first woman elected a judge in the Rio Grande Valley, is impressive. We were impressed enough to endorse her in the Democratic primary over former district attorney, county attorney and city attorney Carlos Valdez, whose skills and wisdom we know and admire.

But had it been a nonpartisan race, as judicial races should be if only we’d do them right, Perkes would have been our unequivocal, enthusiastic choice in a three-way contest. He really does seem meant for the job — by personality, demeanor and professional and educational preparation.

Also, since partisanship is part of the process, Perkes, the court’s only Republican, adds diversity.

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