July 15, 2013

Our campaign for Texas Railroad Commissioner is off to an historic start. In a very short period of time, our campaign is proud to announce that with your help, we have $329,572.08 cash on hand.

This puts our campaign in very select company. Few candidates for Railroad Commissioner have reported such a number and Shelby and I are blessed and humbled by the early support you have shown us.

But this campaign isn’t about an account, it’s about accountability.

The Texas energy industry is operating at historic levels today, creating jobs and producing the energy Texas needs to keep our great state moving forward. But government has the ability to stifle that growth. The federal government is trying every day to put a halt to Texas’ economic success. We must hold them accountable and fight back.

Elected officials at home must also be accountable to Texans. God has blessed Texas with abundant natural resources and Texas must continue to steward those blessings well. We must hold our elected officials accountable to ensure Texas’ natural resources continue to be safely and responsibly explored, free from unnecessary government red tape. We must ensure we provide producers a predictable regulatory climate to conduct their business so that Texas and Texans continue to prosper.

I am very grateful to the many contributors to our campaign, and I pledge to steward those resources responsibly. If you entrust me as your next Railroad Commissioner, I will be accountable to the people of Texas to stand up against an encroaching federal government to ensure Texas energy continues to create jobs and grow our economy.

Thank you for your early support. This is just the beginning.

Malachi Boyuls

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