June 26, 2013
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Today Karen Harris announced her candidacy to seek the Republican nomination for Texas House District 53. She has served Texas as a board member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, a radiologic technologist, small business owner and a strong advocate for conservative issues on state and local levels.

Karen stated, “My responsibility as a Representative will be to vote the values and concerns of the residents of District 53. As State Representative for this District I will work tirelessly to make government accountable, fiscally responsible and morally strong. These issues will directly influence whether Texas thrives or declines in the coming years. I want to make Texas strong by prioritizing spending and strengthening our family values.”

Conservatives across the district voiced their support of Karen’s candidacy.

Kim Hesley, former Chairman, Bandera County Republican Party and Former SREC committee woman for SD19 said, “I’ve known Karen Harris for almost 10 years. She is articulate, poised and smart. Karen has the character and fortitude for the campaign and the job. That is why I endorse her for State Representative of District 53.”

Randy Simmons, a leader in Kerville and state director for The Oak Initiative offered his encouragement saying, “Karen has shown herself to be a woman of conviction. I am grateful for her servant heart and willingness to stand up and run for public office.”

Lila Ward, Former Bandera County Republican Party Chairman and current Bandera County Precinct Chair offered her support saying “I know Karen as a strong dedicated leader in our community and I know with her determination she will represent our district well in Austin. She is truly an inspiration to those who have worked with her.”

Dr. Andre Alexander Kulisz from Lakehills supported Karen saying, “I know Karen Harris to be a person of virtues and abilities that uniquely qualify her for this public office. She is a great unifier,organizer, persuasive speaker, person of principles and morals consistent with the character and views of American founding fathers. It is both a privilege and pleasure to endorse Karen Harris for House District 53.

Karen Harris was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Council in 2011 and the advisory committee to the Texas Education Association for Academic Achievement Distinction in 2012. She served with the AADDC for one year and after two years on the HHSC Council resigned on June 15th to run for office. More information regarding Karen can be found at http://karrenharris.org/.

Karen Harris

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