Justice Phil Johnson, Place 8

Endorsed or Supported by:

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas:
“Justice Phil Johnson is a true conservative who believes judges must be impartial referees and strictly interpret the law, not seek to write it from the bench.”

John Cornyn, United States Senator:
“Phil Johnson believes, as I do, that our courts need judges who are qualified, experienced, and committed to the rule of law, not judges who legislate from the bench.”

Ted Cruz, United States Senator:
“During his nine years on the Texas Supreme Court, Phil Johnson has been a dedicated judge who has consistently followed the law and faithfully upheld the Constitution. I’m proud to endorse him for re-election.”

Wallace B. Jefferson, Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas:
“Justice Phil Johnson is one of the hardest working Justices I’ve had the pleasure to work with on the Supreme Court. His attention to detail, respect for the rule of law, and commitment to the impartial administration of justice continues a lifelong dedication to serving the public. As a pilot in the US Air Force and veteran of the war in Vietnam, Justice Johnson knew that the fullest measure of devotion to this country requires risking one’s life in the service of others. His tours of duty earned him the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross twice, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and multiple Air Medals before he retired as a captain. If we had similar awards for gallant service on the Court, he would have earned them all. He is courageous, fair, honest, and practical in his jurisprudence. I give Justice Johnson my wholehearted endorsement for re-election to the Texas Supreme Court as I know he will continue to ensure that the rule of law prevails for each and every citizen of Texas.”

Former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Phillips:
“Justice Phil Johnson brings invaluable real world experience to our state’s highest court. For over 22 years he practiced law, trying lawsuits and arguing cases. He then served as Justice and Chief Justice of the Amarillo Court of Appeals for over 6 years before Governor Perry appointed him to the Texas Supreme Court. He is courteous, fair and hard-working, and I enthusiastically support his re-election.”

Harriet O’Neill, Justice (Ret.), Supreme Court of Texas:
“Justice Phil Johnson is a true conservative dedicated to strict construction of the law and the impartial administration of justice. Reliable and hardworking, Justice Johnson can be counted on to defend the constitutional rights and liberties of all Texans. It was an honor to serve on the Supreme Court of Texas with this outstanding jurist, and I am proud to endorse him for re-election.”

Rebecca Bradford, Past President, Texas Federation of Republican Women:
“Supreme Court Justice Phil Johnson is a man of integrity. Phil has served our country with honor in the U.S. Air Force, served his community faithfully through volunteerism and served our judiciary well by following the law as written. That is why my family and I are supporting Phil Johnson for the Supreme Court and urging our friends to do the same.”

Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts:
“Justice Phil Johnson was a decorated fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force, a well-respected attorney in private practice in Lubbock and served as Chief Justice of the 7th Court of Appeals before he became a Justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Justice Phil Johnson is a strong conservative with an outstanding reputation for following the Rule of Law and I am honored to support him for re-election to the Texas Supreme Court.”

Bill Crocker, Former Republican National Committeeman, Former General Counsel, Republican National Committee:
“When it comes to the Rule of Law – following the law as written, not legislating from the bench – you want Justice Phil Johnson on our state’s highest court. Phil Johnson is hard-working, fair and calls them as he sees them – exactly what we expect from our Justices on the Texas Supreme Court. Please join me in supporting Phil!”

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Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC
Texas Civil Justice League PAC
Texas Home School Coalition PAC
Texas Alliance for Life PAC
Texas Right to Life PAC
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Grassroots America – We the People:
“We need judges who exemplify a high ethical standard and a respect for the law in all areas of their lives. That’s why we enthusiastically endorse Phil Johnson for re-election to the Texas Supreme Court.”

Young Conservatives of Texas PAC
Texas Farm Bureau PAC – AGFUND
Houston Realty Business Coalition PAC
Houston “C” Club PAC

Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT):
“Your longstanding judicial experience, your commitment to law enforcement and your continued community service are reasons enough for CLEAT to add our support to your election efforts.”
Houston Police Officers’ Union PAC
Cattle Raisers Association PAC
Texas Apartment Association PAC
Texas Association of Realtors
Spring Branch Republicans
Texas Conservative View
United Republicans of Harris County
Texas Medical Association PAC
Manufacturers PAC of Texas
Texas Oil and Gas Association PAC
Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC
Conservative Republicans of Harris County PAC


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