May 8, 2014


Dear Friend,

This week, I announced my endorsement of David Dewhurst in the upcoming runoff for Lieutenant Governor. When we visited about my decision, I told him that I would be happy to endorse him or to endorse his opponent – whichever helped him the most!

While I was disappointed not to make the run off, this election is now down to a choice between two men. I believe the choice is very clear between these two.

We all know David’s opponent is gifted with gab, however, I think Texans want the words spoken by their elected leadership to be more than words of political convenience and catchy bumper sticker phrases. I think Texans want a consistent message based on a consistent set of values and principles. I think Texans have an innate distrust of a politician who would call Senator Ted Cruz a liar in the summer of 2012, and then endorse Senator Ted Cruz for president a year later (after announcing for Lt. Governor) as did Dan Patrick.

Most importantly, David Dewhurst is the man I trust to put the needs of Texas above his personal political ambition in what will be his last term in office. He will be better able to lead the Senate and advance conservative legislation for the future of our state.

The alternative in this race is to vote for a man who has repeatedly violated honor and integrity in his campaign. David’s opponent is a man who wields his faith as a weapon for personal and political gain. A man who has proven he will say anything to get elected. A man who has been caught in numerous lies, stretched many truths and changes his mind on the issues whenever it suits him. You can’t tell me that disavowing his vicious attacks on Senator Cruz were not another example of Dan Patrick doing “whatever it takes” to fool the voters.

Privately, the majority of Senators in both parties do not trust David’s opponent, and candidly, many are afraid of a guy who has radio stations poised to go after them if he feels challenged. That is not a recipe for leadership, it’s a recipe for pandemonium when the Senate caucus changes their rules to strip the presiding officer of alll power except the ceremonial powers enumerated in the Texas constitution.

Time is growing short in this election and I’m going to be blunt. Texas is not so strong that it cannot be destroyed from within by deceit. If you value the truth over those who are less than truthful, then David Dewhurst is the best choice for you in the upcoming Primary Runoff election.

David Dewhurst is not perfect, but I have never once doubted that he loves Texas and her citizens more than his personal ambition or political career. His record of conservative leadership over the past 12 years has helped make Texas into the model for the rest of America.

I am proud to endorse him in this runoff election and I urge you to give him your vote as well.

For Texas,

Jerry Patterson
Texas Land Commissioner
Lt. Col., USMCR, ret.


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