July 15, 2013
Contact: Anthony Gutierrez

Today, the Jade Chang Sheppard for State Representative campaign (HD-50) posted an extremely strong total of $180,003.00 in total contributions [1]. Prior to the March Democratic Primary, HD50 will have a special election in November to fill the unexpired term of Rep. Mark Strama, who recently resigned.

For the fundraising period of January 2013 through June 31st:
• Total Contributions Maintained as of Last Day of Reporting Period:
• Total Expenditures: $33,729.39
• Total Political Contributions: $80,003.00
• Total Individual Donors: 123
[1] The campaign raised $80,003.00 from individual contributors. Jade Chang Sheppard also contributed $100,000 of her own personal funds to the campaign. That contribution is not listed on the TEC report under “contributions” because TEC regulations require that personal funds contributed directly from a candidate to their own campaign must be listed as a loan. Though it is designated as a “loan” on this report, is was for all intents and purposes a contribution.

The following is a statement from Jade Chang Sheppard:

“With the special election so near, I am incredibly grateful that so many friends, family members and grassroots supporters have so generously contributed to support my candidacy. The faith they have shown in me is both humbling and a huge motivation. Being able to invest such a significant amount into my own campaign was deeply gratifying and would not have been possible if not for my amazing family and the many opportunities I have had. It was because of the opportunities I had as an American and a Texan that I was able to work hard and achieve my own version of the American Dream.

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