July 16, 2013
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Kerrville – July 16 2013 – Kerr County Attorney and native Rob Henneke has announced his intention to run in the 2014 Republican Primary to replace Harvey Hilderbran following Hilderbran’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. Describing himself as a Ted Cruz Republican, Henneke has served as Kerr County Attorney since 2010 where he has repeatedly reduced the department’s budget and overhead while increasing prosecutions and convictions.

Rob is the fourth generation of his family to live, work and raise his family in the Texas Hill Country. He graduated with honors from Tivy High School before attending Georgetown University and the University of Texas Law School. Prior to moving to Kerrville in 2007, Rob served with distinction under Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as an Assistant Attorney General in the General Litigation Division. Rob was elected as the Kerr County Attorney in March of 2010 and reelected without opposition in 2012.

Said Henneke, “I am blessed to work, live, and raise my family in rural Texas. I am a product of this region, and I understand firsthand the importance of family values, property rights, and the small-business work ethic that makes rural Texas great. I believe in individual accountability and personal responsibility. Our government should be limited and focused towards maximizing the benefit that government can provide with a minimal burden to the taxpayer. I am honored to have this opportunity to continue to offer myself in public service as a way to give something back to the wonderful people of Southwest Texas.”

As County Attorney, Henneke has applied conservative values to his daily operations. As a fiscal conservative, Henneke regularly cut his budget and returned a surplus each year; under Henneke’s leadership, the County Attorney’s office generates twice in direct revenue and savings as the cost to operate the office. Henneke believes in enforcing the law and has refused to give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants in criminal prosecutions. Henneke is a strong private property rights advocate and is opposed to government use of eminent domain. Henneke is unabashedly pro-life, pro Second Amendment, and supports better border enforcement.

Distinguishing himself from the Republican Party broadly, Henneke stated, “What people sometimes misunderstand is that the perils to rural Texas sometime come from well-meaning Republicans who represent metro constituents. Like Ted Cruz, I’m not a “go-along to get along” Republican. I’ll fight any force that threatens the well-being of the people of District 53.”

Henneke is married to Lesley, and they have two sons Michael and Jonathan. Rob and Lesley are small business owners of Judicial Workplace Arbitrations, Inc. Henneke is on the Advisory Council to the Kerrville Salvation Army’s Boys & Girls Club, an attorney advisor to the Tivy High School Mock Trial team, and a member of the Kerrville Noon Rotary Club, Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce, and West Kerr Chamber of Commerce. He and Lesley are active members of the Kerrville First United Methodist Church. Henneke served as Chairman to the 2012 Republican Kerr County Convention, is an associate member with the Republican Women of Kerr County, and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout as a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

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