July 16, 2013

Four years ago I decided to run for State Representative. I ran because I had simply had enough — enough of excessive spending; enough of excessive taxation; enough of the unfunded mandates on our education system; enough of career politicians saying anything to get re-elected. We were true to our message and we won an historic victory, winning the seat back for Republicans in 2010.

We went to Austin together and stood strong for liberty and remained firmly committed to our shared philosophy of lower taxes, less spending, smaller government, more freedom and strong families. And while Texas has done very well under Conservative leadership, we can still do, and I want to continue helping lead our great state.

Serving in the Texas House was one of the greatest honors of my life and I would humbly ask to serve my friends and neighbors once again.

Today I am proud to announce that I am running for the Texas House of Representatives in District 105.

I was born and raised in this district. It is my home. Unfortunately, there are still elected officials voting in Austin differently than they campaigned back home. It is time to offer the citizens of Irving and Grand Prairie a choice in the Republican Primary — a choice of a proven Conservative who has a record of standing strong for our values; a leader who will stand for liberty and will vote consistent with our shared Conservative values; a citizen who understands that an elected representative must represent all of the citizens of the district.

I am that proven Conservative. I am that leader. And I am that citizen. Our campaign is off to a great start with support from citizens from all over the district who share our message. And we want you to join us today. Follow us on our social media sites, tell your friends and neighbors and make a contribution. Anything you can give, time or money, no matter how little, will help us win this race.

I respectfully ask for your support and your vote in the Republican Primary on March 4, 2014

– Rodney Anderson

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