July 22, 2013

Ray Keller for Railroad Commissioner

DATE: July 22, 2013
CONTACT:  Ray Keller
PHONE: 817-576-4026
E-MAIL: kellerfortexas@mindspring.com


Former conservative Republican State Representative Ray Keller today announced his candidacy for the Texas Railroad Commission in the 2014 Republican primary. Keller previously represented Southern Dallas County for four terms, two as Chairman of the House Law Enforcement Committee, and was recognized as one of Texas’ “Ten Best Legislators” by “Texas Monthly Magazine”.

“The Texas economy is as closely tied to our energy resources as ever. It, in part, defines who we are in the nation and the world. It is important that we have a proven, conservative advocate on the Commission to insure a continued strong economy and prudent protection of our vital energy resources.

Texas is the leading producer of energy in the United States.  We need a strong voice on the Commission for energy policies that create jobs, protect our national security and protect our environment” Keller said.

“Texas is the leader in common-sense energy policy.  We need a Commissioner with a proven track record to effectively stand up to the increasing federal bureaucracy directly threatening our core values in Texas”, said Keller. “We need a proven voice for free market principles and a government working with private enterprise, not against it, for the sake of our economy and freedoms. This also includes relentless support of individual property rights and the highest ethical standards for this office. It is important to have someone with a proven, legislative background on the Texas Railroad Commission who can help make this more than tired rhetoric.”

Keller continued, “While we are in a production boom, we also face unparalleled regulatory challenges, federal government encroachment and increased public concerns about energy.  Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy as a Republican for Texas Railroad Commissioner.

I look forward to this campaign and serving as Texas Railroad Commissioner. Together we can insure an even greater Texas in the days ahead.”

Keller is a fourth generation Texan, recently retired from a successful business career in the public safety sales industry. He is a graduate of Tulane University with a degree in Political Science. He served in the Texas Legislature from 1979 to 1987. Keller lives in North Richland Hills with his wife Carol and two young granddaughters.

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