October 11, 2013

What’s in a name? Democrat Sam Houston set to run for attorney general

Hello Austin:

Matt Angle, perhaps the key figure in orchesterating Wendy Davis’ entrance into the governor’s race, sent out an email late Friday afternoon indicating that his organization, The Lone Star Project, “has learned that highly respected Houston attorney, Sam Houston, will likely soon announce his candidacy for Texas Attorney General.”

Well, that’s good enough for me. If Matt Angle has “learned” Houston “likely will,” then Houston definitely will.

More from Angle:

Apart from having about the best ballot name any Texan might imagine, Sam Houston is a respected, highly competent attorney with deep roots in Texas. With more than 25 years of experience practicing law, Sam would enter the AG’s office with more than twice the experience as a practicing attorney than Greg Abbott when he became Attorney General.

That is one good ballot name. One imagines Angle now scouring the countryside for a David or Davy Crockett with ambitions to be agriculture commissioner.

More from Angle on Sam Houston:

A top vote getter in 2008
Sam was a Democratic nominee for the Texas State Supreme Court in 2008.  Despite the fact that virtually all resources for statewide candidates were diverted for local candidates and out-of-state national races, Sam received over 3.5 million votes – more than any other Texas Democratic candidate on the ballot in 2008.

This is very artfully done. When I first read this I assumed it meant that Houston ran ahead of President Obama in Texas. In fact, he did get a slightly higher percentage of the vote – 45.88 percent to 43.68 for Obama. But his vote total – 3,525,141, lagged ever-so-slightly behind Obama’s 3,528,633. But Angle’s statement is perfectly accurate because Houston did win more votes than any other “Texas Democratic candidate,” because neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden is a Texan.

More Angle:

Sam was born and raised in Colorado City in west Texas (about halfway between Abilene and Midland). His Dad owned a small auto supply/hardware store where Sam often worked. He went on to get his college degree at UT and then earned his law degree at Baylor. Sam lives in Houston with his wife, Jantha and their two children.

Angle finishes up:

It’s not official, but…
Don’t be surprised if Sam Houston files to run for the Democratic nomination to become Texas Attorney General.

Consider yourself warned.

Also, from the Dallas Morning News endorsement of Sam Houston in 2008:

Democratic challenger Sam Houston has built a solid reputation defending clients against lawsuits and would bring some new ideas to the court. He argues that no one likes lawsuits, but sometimes they are necessary to ensure justice, and that justice is good for business. (Now that’ s  a Texas slogan.)

So right now, Democrats have a candidate for governor (Wendy Davis) a very possible candidate for lieutenant governor (Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio), an almost certain candidate for attorney general (Sam Houston), a candidate for comptroller (Mike Collier), and a candidate for land commissioner (former El Paso Mayor John Cook).

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