May 19, 2014
by Alex Zielinski


District 83 Representative Charles Perry says he will run for the District 28 State Senate seat once it is vacated by Robert Duncan.

Texas Tech University announced Monday that Duncan will be taking over as Chancellor for the University beginning July 1.

“I will pursue it,” Perry said. “As soon as he’s vacated I will definitely be pursuing that seat.”

“It’s been ongoing discussion for a year. To be truthful, that speculation has been out there for four years now,” Perry said. “It’s not a revelation to Bob; we had that discussion over time – not that he’s recommended or not – I’m just saying we have had that discussion and it’s not just him, it’s multiple people…”

District 28 is comprised of 51 counties. Perry already has name recognition among the voters. Currently he represents 70 percent of them as District 83 representative.

“So far what I can tell the name ID is good and favorable so it just is logical and from a representative of the area to have some earned respect in the house that can transfer over to the senate is good for the region,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to that if the voters so choose to do it.”

Perry admits whoever ends up filling the senate seat will have a lot to live up to.

“Bob’s been a mentor and a leader in that role down there for so long at so many levels, he’ll be sorely missed. His shoes will be big shoes to fill,” he said. “We usually earn credibility as West Texans because we come to work. We come ready to go to work and learn the issues. It’s obvious you can’t replace that experience overnight for perception value, but I think that within a short order people will realize that transition has been made to the next guy and the traits are the same.”

Even though he is running, Perry says today is about Duncan and he believes the current state senator is the ideal replacement for Chancellor Hance.

“I don’t think it could have been a better choice. Bob’s a statesman, he’s passionate about Tech, that’s his background. I don’t think there could have been a better pick for transitioning from Kent Hance,” he said. “Bob’s got that perfect balance about him: very humble, very unassuming, he just kind of goes along and gets his job done, he’s not worried about taking credit and he’s just a great transition for that. I really think the trustees did a great job. I always tell people you never worry about Senator Duncan’s agenda, it’s always pure and you never have to worry about him not knowing his stuff. He’s done his homework so he comes prepared to work.”

Once Perry leaves his seat as District 83 representative, the Republican and Democratic Party Chairmen for the counties in the district will choose a person to fill the vacancy. The elections to replace both Duncan and Perry will take place in November.

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