June 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

I am running for office because I view it as a calling, I feel that God has prepared me to serve Him and the people of HD2 as a representative. As a bold and brave Christian-Conservative that will stand up to Government abuse, constant overstepping and over all burden it places on the taxpayer. I want to help give the people of Texas the Government they deserve and want.

It is my belief that we need to advance the conservative ideals that this state was founded upon. After watching leaders promote the Progressive agenda and then return home to try and to smooth it over with the voter, I decide that I have had enough. I kept looking for someone to stand up and fight, and was inspired by the few that did. We continue to see the progressive agenda stifle our economy, our security, and our overall way of life. We need more people to stand and fight.

Our elected representatives need to protect Texas and Texans, because I feel we are the last great hope for freedom and liberty. We have all heard people say, “It will never happen here,” “maybe in California but not in Texas,” but we are seeing that our state is heading in that direction as the Federal Government imposes it’s desires on us. Things are happening that many thought would never happen. I want to represent the people of HD2 as we seek to advance liberty and our way of life against the establishment in Austin.

If you believe in defending Texas freedom and promoting conservatism in our state. Please consider donating to our campaign or giving your time to help send a true conservative to Austin.

Best Regards,

Bryan Slaton





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