August 9, 2013
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MONTGOMERY – A life-long stakeholder in the agriculture industry with a proven conservative record and a reputation for standing up for Texas, Brandon Creighton today announced his candidacy for Texas Agriculture Commissioner before family, friends, and hundreds of supporters.

“Texas farmers and ranchers have always faced challenges navigating government bureaucracy, but they have never before had to deal with the kind of overreaching federal government that we have in Washington today,” Creighton said. “Texas farmers and ranchers need someone who is focused on their priorities, someone who will stand up and fight to protect their rights and their way of life. That is why I’m running to be the next Agriculture Commissioner for the Great State of Texas.”

Creighton is an 8th-generation Texan with a lifetime of agriculture experience. He is a rancher, a businessman, an attorney, and the current Republican majority leader in the Texas House of Representatives.

“I believe Texas voters are ready for a new generation of conservative statewide elected officials, leaders who know how to stand up and fight for Texas,” Creighton said. “Texas agriculture faces many challenges, from protecting private property and water rights to defending against the Obama Administration’s EPA. I understand these challenges because my family and I have shared them for generations.”

Creighton comes from a long line of Texas ranchers, businessmen, and public servants. Prior to Texas statehood, his family farmed cotton and tobacco along the San Jacinto River. Members of his family have served the community in several roles including Texas Ranger, sheriff, judge, and legislator. Seventy years ago, in the 1940s, the family began to transition to cattle and forestry operations, which have continued to this day. In recent years, Brandon and his wife, Fawn, who own and operate a ranch in Madison County, have raised horses, big jack mules, and Gray Brahman and crossbred cattle.

“Our state’s economy is part of the reason Texas remains the best place to raise a family and start a business. The backbone of this economy remains Texas agriculture,” Creighton said. “With more than 1,000 people a day moving to this state, it is essential that the elected officials who plan for a Texas of tomorrow understand and uphold the values that have shaped our state.”

Creighton has fought for traditional Texas values since his election to the Texas House of Representatives in 2006. He has received national acclaim for defending Texas’ sovereignty under the 10th Amendment and for passing landmark tort reform legislation. Creighton has been a constant champion for 2nd Amendment rights and for protecting the sanctity of human life. He has also focused on keeping Texas the top job-creating state by securing a stable, long-term water supply and providing an educated workforce. In 2013, he was overwhelmingly elected to chair the House Republican Caucus, serving as majority leader for the largest Republican state House majority in the nation.

Creighton has been dedicated to public service his entire adult life. He was a policy advisor in the Texas State Senate. He has worked for both the Texas Attorney General and the Oklahoma Attorney General. In 2006, he was elected to represent Montgomery County in the Texas House. Since 2009, he has represented Texas as a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Energy, Transportation and Agriculture Committee.

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