July 17, 2013

AUSTIN – Only three weeks after announcing his intention to run for Texas Attorney General, current Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman announced that he has received the endorsement of twenty-two State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) members saying, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of a wide-ranging group of conservative Republican leaders from all across our state. It’s a great indication of the level of grassroots support we are growing in this race.”

“I’m proud to be a part of Barry Smitherman’s growing list of grassroots supporters,” said Tina Gibson, SREC member from Sugar Land, TX. “Barry has consistently stood up for Texas values against liberals and the Federal government. That’s exactly what we need in our next Attorney General.”

Barry Smitherman has received the endorsement of the following SREC members:

Judy Parada – SD 3 (Montgomery)

Glenda Bowles – SD 6 (Houston)

Mark Ramsey – SD 7 (Spring)

Valoree Swanson – SD 7 (Spring)

Dennis Paul – SD 11 (Webster)

Sheryl Berg – SD 11 (Houston)

Montie Watkins – SD 15 (Houston)

Tina Gibson – SD 17 (Fort Bend)

Marvin Clede – SD 17 (Houston)

Ben Zeller – SD 18 (Victoria)

James Barnes – SD 19 (San Antonio)

Bob Jones – SD 20 (Corpus Christi)

Naomi Narvaiz – SD 21 (San Marcos)

Janet Jackson – SD 22 (Clifton)

George Antuna – SD 25 (Schertz)

Linda Kinney – SD 25 (Dripping Springs)

Marian Stanko – SD 26 (San Antonio)

Johnny Lovejoy – SD 26 (San Antonio)

Jane Cansino – SD 28 (Lubbock)

Danny Pelton – SD 30 (Hico)

Rena Peden – SD 30 (Fort Worth)

Tom Roller – SD 31 (Amarillo)

The delegates to the State Republican Party Convention elect, among their peers, one male and one female to the SREC from each of the thirty-one Texas Senate Districts.  The endorsement of these twenty-two SREC members represents more than a third of all of the State Republican Executive Committee and are endorsements in more than 50 percent of all of the state’s senate districts.

“These grassroots leaders, the very heart and soul of the Republican Party, give their valuable time to ensure the election of conservative Republicans and they will be the core strength of my campaign.  I’ve earned their endorsement because they know I’m the right candidate to battle against illegal immigration, help secure the border, stand up against federal intrusions, and defend the laws and the Constitution of the great State of Texas,” Smitherman concluded.

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