October 10, 2013

Dear Friends,

Our Chief Justice on the Third Court of Appeals, Woodie Jones, recently announced that he will not seek re-election at the end of 2014. After conferring with my colleagues on the court, I have decided to run for the Chief Justice position to ensure that we continue to have effective, non-partisan, and steady leadership on your Court of Appeals.

Having run a successful 24-county campaign last year, I’ll readily admit that another campaign was not in my plans for 2014… but the Court and staff deserve steady leadership; the litigants who come before the Court deserve a user-friendly, consistent Court; and the citizens of Central Texas deserve the confidence in their court system that comes with the efficient administration of justice.

My varied background has prepared me to work for you in the role of Chief Justice. During six years as Texas’ Deputy First Assistant Attorney General, I enjoyed wide-ranging experience leading divisions of lawyers and legal staff, managing governmental policies and budgets, and interfacing with the legal community and the Legislature. I am encouraged at the response I have already received from people across our 24 counties, and I am confident that with your help, we can continue to increase the public’s awareness of and confidence in our court system.

I look forward to earning your support, and encourage you to join the campaign at www.JudgeJeffRose.com.

Jeff Rose

Paid for by the Judge Jeff Rose Campaign
Lawrence Temple, Treasurer
In compliance with the voluntary limits
of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act

815A Brazos Street, PMB 244

Austin, Texas 78701

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