Putting an End to Punitive Damages for ‘Fraudulent Fraud’

May 13, 2015 (http://www.texaslawyer.com/home/id=1202726367182/Putting-an-End-to-Punitive-Damages-for-Fraudulent-Fraud?mcode=1202615022869&curindex=0) by Robert B. Gilbreath and Matthew C. Sapp Many courts read Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 41.003 as permitting an award of … [Read more...]

House Limits Definition of Med-Mal Claim

May 13, 2015 (http://www.texaslawyer.com/id=1202726370577/House-Limits-Definition-of-MedMal-Claim?kw=House%20Limits%20Definition%20of%20Med-Mal%20Claim&et=editorial&bu=Texas%20Lawyer&cn=20150515&src=EMC-Email&pt=AM%20Alert) by Angela Morris Rep. Kenneth Sheets, R-Dallas, … [Read more...]

House Passes Rewrite of Forum Non Conveniens

May 11, 2015 (http://www.texaslawyer.com/id=1202726124930/House-Passes-Rewrite-of-Forum-Non-Conveniens?kw=House%20Passes%20Rewrite%20of%20Forum%20Non%20Conveniens&et=editorial&bu=Texas%20Lawyer&cn=20150515&src=EMC-Email&pt=AM%20Alert&slreturn=20150415101622) Nonresident … [Read more...]

House Panel Votes to Split 13th Court of Appeals into Two

May 13, 2015 (http://riograndeguardian.com/house-panel-votes-to-split-13th-court-of-appeals-into-two/) AUSTIN, Texas – A state lawmaker living in the northern part of the 20-county region covered by the 13th Court of Appeals has filed a bill to split the Court in two. Under state Rep. Phil … [Read more...]

Governor Abbott Statement On Texas Ranking #1 Best State To Do Business

May 8, 2015 (http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/20851) Texas Governor Greg Abbott today released the following statement regarding Texas being ranked the #1 best state to do business in by Chief Executive’s 2015 Best & Worst States to Do Business survey of top CEOs. 2015 is the 11th … [Read more...]

Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield Appointed to the 165th Judicial Court in Harris County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 5, 2015 Contact: Carol Sims carol@tcjl.com 512-320-0474 May 5, 2015 (Austin)--The Texas Civil Justice League today commended Governor Greg Abbott’s appointment of Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield to the 165th Judicial District Court in Harris County. “Judge … [Read more...]

Governor Abbott Appoints Mayfield As Judge Of 165th Judicial District Court

(http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/20836) Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield as judge of the 165th Judicial District Court in Harris County for a term to expire at the next general election in November 2016. Judge Mayfield currently serves as judge of Harris … [Read more...]

Texas Justices Dump Mexican Crash Suit Against Bridgestone

April 24, 2015 (http://www.law360.com/articles/647556/texas-justices-dump-mexican-crash-suit-against-bridgestone) by Jess Davis The Texas Supreme Court on Friday said a wrongful death suit against Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC can’t be heard in Texas court because it arose from a … [Read more...]

Houston Chronicle: HB 1794 by Geren

April 28, 2015 (http://www.chron.com/opinion/letters/article/Wednesday-letters-Texas-legislative-issues-6229724.php) The environment Regarding "Local interests" (Page B15, April 5), important public policy is making its way through the Texas Legislature that will correct a serious and … [Read more...]

Hobbling businesses – A law designed to help people with disabilities enriches lawyers instead

April 25, 2015 (http://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21649512-law-designed-help-people-disabilities-enriches-lawyers-instead-hobbling) THE Bikini Beach Hotel in Panama City Beach, Florida, serves sunbathers of all types. So John Gheesling, the owner, was surprised to be sued for violating … [Read more...]